G53IDS Module Group Listings

Project Supervisors Which Are Still Available

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Alechina, Natasha nza 7 8 here
Bachour, Khaled kqb 0 2
Bagley, Steven Richard srb 6 8
Bedwell, Ben bzb 1 2
Capretta, Venanzio vxc 7 8 here
Figueredo, Grazziela gzf 0 2
Gaertner, Thomas txg 0 2
Jager, Nils nxj 1 2
Koleini, Masoud pszmk1 0 3 here
Logan, Brian S bsl 4 5 here
Mairhofer, Stefan sdm 0 2
Nguyen, Tuan txn 0 1
Qu, Rong rxq 5 8 here
Radenkovic, Milena V mvr 5 6 here
Siebers, Peer-Olaf pos 5 6 here
Twycross, Jamie P jpt 0 1
Tzimiropoulos, Yorgos yzt 1 2 here

Project Supervisors Which Already Have Full Allocation

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Aickelin, Uwe uxa 1 1 here
Altenkirch, Thorsten txa 3 3 here
Atkin, Jason Adam David jaa 6 6 here
Blanchfield, Peter pxb 7 6 here
Brailsford, David dfb 5 5 here
Ellis, Christopher cxe13u 1 1
Flintham, Martin Daniel mdf 4 4 here
French, Andrew P apf 2 2 here
Garibaldi, Jon M jmg 4 3 here
Greenhalgh, Chris cmg 6 6 here
Hopkins, Gail gtr 8 8 here
Hutton, Graham M gmh 1 1
John, Robert I rij 3 3
Koleva, Boriana Nikolaeva bnk 2 2 here
Landa Silva, Dario jds 2 2 here
Lehre, Per K pkl 3 2 here
Li, Bai bai 8 8
Maior, Horia Alexandru ham02u 1 1
Nilsson, Henrik nhn 8 8 here
Parkes, Andrew J ajp 8 8 here
Pridmore, Tony P tpp 5 5 here
Valstar, Michel Francois mfv 6 4 here
Wagner, Christian cxw 2 2
Wilson, Max L mlw 8 8 here

Active Student Projects

Name Project Supervisor
Adams, Kinley A library for Paths of Exile game Natasha Alechina
Addicott, Matthew Computer Game for Therapy Peter Blanchfield
Ahmed, Hussam Mohamed Abu ElGasim Anti-Braess in Waze Andrew J Parkes
Aldridge, Edwin sentiment analysis algorithm for twitter posts using hashtags and emoticons Michel F Valstar
Alimin Ismadi, Wardatul Husna The Multidimensional Knapsack Problem Rong Qu
Armstrong, Samuel Haydn Something to do with architecture and programming Jason A D Atkin
Augustus, Tristin 2D networked game Brian S Logan
Baston, Colm TBD (FP-related, 4th-year research project) Henrik Nilsson
Bates, Luke An app for counting coins (or similar) Andrew P French
Birmingham, Christopher TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Bland, Harry Evolutionary Game Theory (TBD) Per K Lehre
Bounden, Martin Robert Mobile phone guide with apple watch companion app Boriana N Koleva
Byrne, Hayden TBD Martin D Flintham
Christodoulou, Theodore Simulated Working Enviroments to aid learning difficulties Peter Blanchfield
Cooling, Tom Support For Creating Installable Apps (TBC) Chris Greenhalgh
Cottee, James Samuel Computer game to teach computing Gail Hopkins
Croucher, Rory James TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA I just wanted a title longer than Rong's student TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA Max L Wilson
Dai, Jianan Unknown Bai Li
Davies, Richard William AI Robert I John
Deng, Tianxin Finding people in images Tony P Pridmore
Denial, Nozieka Beragai Interactive Timetabling via Visualisation Andrew J Parkes
Dhaliwal, Gurinderpal Neural Nets for Stock Market data prediction Uwe Aickelin
Dulloo, Kawthar Djameela Creating an engaging online educational tool for children to learn about the environment Ben Bedwell
Emelle, Munachiso Unknown David Brailsford
Esa, Steven Kye Unknown Christopher Ellis
Evans, Daniel Aidan Kinect to your respiration Michel F Valstar
Evans, David TBC Steven R Bagley
Fan, Mengran Funny Face Detector Michel F Valstar
Forgo, Barnabas Visualisation of co-evolving spores Per K Lehre
Fountain, Steven niceway.to / music discovery Max L Wilson
Fraser, Liam David Gaming with Clean code David Brailsford
Freeman, Daniel Philip 3D Point Cloud interpretation for Micro Repairs Christian Wagner
Freeman, Mark TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Frost, Steven John TBA Jason A D Atkin
Gandy, Joseph niceway.to or race app Max L Wilson
Gao, Anqi Data Analysis Jon M Garibaldi
Gao, Yue Agent-based simulation Brian S Logan
Gee, Oliver Mobile multiplayer location based game exploiting the characteristics of each area Boriana N Koleva
Geeson, Luke Novel interactive object detection and tracking techniques Michel F Valstar
Goldstein, Luke Jonathan Leaf Segmentation Challenge Tony P Pridmore
Griffin-webb, Matthew Web-based visualisation of evolutionary algorithms Per K Lehre
Haines, Lee TBD (Haskell-related) Venanzio Capretta
Halliwell, Elliot Board Game Programming Venanzio Capretta
Hamilakis, Alexandros Agapitos An android learning game Gail Hopkins
Han, Dong Software tool for task allocation Natasha Alechina
Handley, Martin Unknown Graham M Hutton
Hao, Fang Unknown Bai Li
Haruna, Adeiza Data Analysis Jon M Garibaldi
Hawkins, Jade Lauren Online goal tracker for special needs children Gail Hopkins
Hilder, Daniel Owen Android Travel Log Steven R Bagley
Hill, Nicholas Supporting KS2 SATs with exciting apps David Brailsford
Holmes, Oliver James Journaling, Monitoring and Support Application for Cancer Patients Chris Greenhalgh
Hoskins, Jake Evaluating the Performance of Statistical Technical Indicatorís Against Artificial Intelligent Indicatorís on the Stock Market Rong Qu
Howard, Thomas Software to crack and fill CAPTCHA (group project) Venanzio Capretta
Hu, Lanxiao Tracking Mitochondria in Image Sequences of Neuronal Cells Tony P Pridmore
Humphrey, Benjamin Alexander Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering for Puzzles Dario Landa Silva
Hunjan, Roshan Memory App (TBC) Chris Greenhalgh
Huynh, Vu San Ha TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Ismadi, Amalina Allia TSP Rong Qu
Itay, Chryzia Danica Unknown Bai Li
Jamaludin, Nur Hanis Phone app for collaboration on routing Andrew J Parkes
Jarosz, Daniel TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Jezov, Julijanas Healthcare technology project Peter Blanchfield
Khoury, Elias Simplicial sets in Agda Thorsten Altenkirch
Knight, Ian Ashley TBC David Brailsford
Knott, Craig niceway.to / music discovery Max L Wilson
Lamont, Robert Developing Effective Genetic Algorithms Dario Landa Silva
Lin, Qingyuandi Parallelising multi-agent simulations Brian S Logan
Lin, Shuhong Adaptive Search and Hyperheuristics Andrew J Parkes
Lo, Wan Sam TBD (related to digital signal processing/music visualization) Henrik Nilsson
Lu, Zilin Finding People in images Tony P Pridmore
Luo, Yuhan Temporal Social Media Analytics Max L Wilson
Mangat, Amoul Behaviour modification game Peter Blanchfield
Mann, Jaideep Singh TBD Martin D Flintham
McFadyen, Andrew TBD Andrew J Parkes
Md Radzi, Mohammad Mifzal Implement a HyFlex Domain (VRP with drones?) Andrew J Parkes
Middleton, Benjamin Roger Alan Authoring System for EU4 Peter Blanchfield
Muhammad, Muazmira Phone App for Pursuer-Evader Games Andrew J Parkes
Mukherjee, Shayoke TBD Nils Jager
Mumford-Turner, Harry tbd Martin D Flintham
Mussell, Alexander James Lee Software to crack and fill CAPTCHA (group project) Venanzio Capretta
Neves, Alex TBA Jason A D Atkin
Oakley, Casper Unknown Bai Li
Orton, Patrick Jamie Musician Management App David Brailsford
Pan, Ting Unknown Bai Li
Parchment, Corey Anthony Alert-Mate Peer-Olaf Siebers
Patel, James The effects of Social Media on Mental Health Gail Hopkins
Phillips, Jordan Luke An interactive tool for teaching programming Gail Hopkins
Phillips-Hemming, Zachary TBA Peer-Olaf Siebers
Plaskett, Miles Software to crack and fill CAPTCHA (group project) Venanzio Capretta
Pranevicius, Sarunas teaching game Peter Blanchfield
Price, Thomas James Unknown Steven R Bagley
Putman, Ross Alan Michael TBC Steven R Bagley
Qiao, Ting Human-eyed Robotic Rover Michel F Valstar
Qin, Zimu Completeness of intuiitionistic propositional logic in Agda Thorsten Altenkirch
Rauf, Abrar Location based music player Chris Greenhalgh
Rebak, Aaron Socks5 Proxy Detection System Steven R Bagley
Reed, Lawrence Unknown Steven R Bagley
Ribeiro, Catia Sofia Bras Mental Workload Fitbit Horia A Maior
Richards, Ian Medical Records Management System Unassigned
Rodgers, Jamie AI Robert I John
Ronayne, James Michael Automatic Mixcloud DJ Mixing Henrik Nilsson
Russell, Samuel Implementation of the Brax board game Venanzio Capretta
Rytel, Kamil Sebastian TBA Martin D Flintham
Salmon, Jessica TBC Gail Hopkins
Shahzad, Rehan brain scanner resesarch Max L Wilson
Sharon, Natalia cross-social messenger Max L Wilson
Shaw, Kristian Software to crack and fill CAPTCHA (group project) Venanzio Capretta
Shi, Qingqi Chinese Programming Jason A D Atkin
Singh, Anthony Community engagement in online social networks vs. face-to-face Gail Hopkins
Smith, Samuel Assembly Systems Brian S Logan
Smith, Thomas 3D reconstruction and analysis of root stubs Tony P Pridmore
Stenhouse, Robert A game to teach primary school-level maths Gail Hopkins
Stevenson, Brad Using deep learning for music recommendation Max L Wilson
Stevenson, Daniel Visual Yampa programming Henrik Nilsson
Sui, Minzhang Playful Mobile App Chris Greenhalgh
Sun, Xu Model-checking (tbc) Natasha Alechina
Tang, Wantao Unknown Bai Li
Tanna, James Vivek App-Style Permissions for Linux Jason A D Atkin
Tiripan, Relu Vlad Hyper-heuristic Frameworks Andrew J Parkes
Trivedi, Lakhan Unknown Bai Li
Tsang, Oi Lam Pretty Ophelia TBD (Game for Mobile Device) Henrik Nilsson
Twynham, Joshua RPG for mental health therapy Peter Blanchfield
Wade, Matthew Shane TBC (FP related) Henrik Nilsson
Walker, Adam TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Wang, Junbin AI project Natasha Alechina
Wang, Shuo An app to identify flags of the world Andrew P French
Wei, Xin TBD Rong Qu
Willis, Joshua Development of a Simple Object Oriented Agent-Based Modelling System Peer-Olaf Siebers
Wong, Man Hon TBD (Audio DSP) Henrik Nilsson
Xie, Yinfeng Emotion Based Music Player Jason A D Atkin
Xing, Qi Simulating Basketball Tactics Peer-Olaf Siebers
Yan, Luying Boardgame: I-go Henrik Nilsson
Yang, Muyu deformable face tracking in-the-wild Yorgos Tzimiropoulos
Yao, Huimin TBD Rong Qu
Yao, Lan Data Analysis Jon M Garibaldi
Yu, Zhi AI Reasoner Natasha Alechina
Yuan, Zongzhe Turingmachines in Agda Thorsten Altenkirch
Zhang, Haozhe Optimisation Algorithms Robert I John
Zhang, Jihong AI project Natasha Alechina
Zhang, Jinhang Data Analysis Jon M Garibaldi
Zheng, Danfeng Exploring Web-based Support for Co-located Authoring (TBC) Chris Greenhalgh
Zhou, Duyang Automated verification Natasha Alechina
Zhu, Shimeng Unknown Bai Li
Zhu, Wenjue Concept-focused brain attention model for virtual humans Michel F Valstar
Zulhisam, Muhammad Ihsan Improving Road Safety for Lorry Drivers through Data Analytics and Agent-Based Simulation Peer-Olaf Siebers
Zulkilfi, Firdaus Singleton vs Non-Singleton Fuzzy Control Christian Wagner