G53IDS Module Group Listings

Project Supervisors Which Are Still Available

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Altenkirch, Thorsten txa 6 8 here
Bagley, Steven Richard srb 2 8 here
Brailsford, David dfb 1 5 here
Brundell, Patrick prb 0 2 here
De Maere, Geert gdm 0 1
Flintham, Martin Daniel mdf 4 6 here
French, Andrew P apf 0 4 here
Greenhalgh, Chris cmg 1 5 here
Haines, Benjamin bxh 0 1
He, Fang fxh 0 1
Higgins, Colin cah 2 8 here
Hopkins, Gail gtr 7 8 here
Karapetyan, Daniil dxk 0 3
Landa Silva, Dario jds 0 5 here
Lehre, Per K pkl 0 7 here
Li, Bai bai 0 7
Mairhofer, Stefan sdm 0 2
McAuley, Derek R drm 0 4 here
Nguyen, Hoang Nga hnn 0 2
Nilsson, Henrik nhn 6 8 here
Ozcan, Ender exo 0 8 here
Parkes, Andrew J ajp 4 8 here
Pridmore, Tony P tpp 5 6 here
Qu, Rong rxq 2 7
Radenkovic, Milena V mvr 6 7 here
Siebers, Peer-Olaf pos 0 8 here
Tennent, Paul pxt 0 4
Valstar, Michel Francois mfv 6 7 here
Wagner, Christian cxw 1 2
Ye, Lei luy 0 1

Project Supervisors Which Already Have Full Allocation

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Aickelin, Uwe uxa 2 2
Atkin, Jason Adam David jaa 2 2 here
Garibaldi, Jon M jmg 6 4 here
Greensmith, Julie jqg 8 7
Hutton, Graham M gmh 4 4
John, Robert I rij 9 7
Pike, Matthew mvp 1 1 here
Reps, Jenna jzr 5 3
Twycross, Jamie P jpt 1 1
Wilson, Max L mlw 6 6 here

Active Student Projects

Name Project Supervisor
Afolabi, Oluwatosin Olufemi Go-Code Julie Greensmith
Ashfaq, Haider Waseem TBC Julie Greensmith
Ba, Yiqiao Weight loss app Robert I John
Bana, Janos Machine learning for inventory level maintenance Andrew J Parkes
Barford, Conor Michael To determine Jason A D Atkin
Baston, Colm Unknown Graham M Hutton
Benson, Ezenwoko Music and Rhythm Transcription Andrew J Parkes
Besson, Paula Louise Making Haskell Games Julie Greensmith
Bhandari, Prasun Money Transfer Management System Rong Qu
Birkett, Liam Personality and User Experience in Social Networks Gail Hopkins
Brinjcargorabi, Houman Unknown Graham M Hutton
Brodie, Ryan Query analysis techniques Max L Wilson
Cai, Leran Towards Goedels Incompleteness theorem Thorsten Altenkirch
Cespedes, Deja Unknown Robert I John
Chan, Clarence Der-Wei TBA Jon M Garibaldi
Chen, Hang Data Visualisation Jon M Garibaldi
Chen, Yuxuan Data mining and analysis Jon M Garibaldi
Chen, Zenan Artificial Intelligence Robert I John
Clay, Ryan Kenneth Android Firewalls Julie Greensmith
Clerkin, Paula Rebecca Tracking Mitochondria in Image Sequences of Neuronal Cells Tony P Pridmore
Cox, Robin John Dashwood Unknown Henrik Nilsson
Critchley, Molly Jane The use of persuasive technology for marketing Gail Hopkins
Dobrovolskyy, Anton Unknown Tony P Pridmore
Ellis, Jacob Community Engagement in Social Networks vs Face-to-Face Gail Hopkins
Fletcher, Karl TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Folan, Callum Daniel Game to teach typing Jason A D Atkin
Freeman, Daniel Philip TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Frier, Samuel Thomas TBA Thorsten Altenkirch
Fu, Pengjie Learning to classify cells Tony P Pridmore
Fu, Shida tbd Martin D Flintham
Gao, Chunfan Data Analysis Jon M Garibaldi
Gao, Yupeng Biodata, in your face! Michel F Valstar
Garrett-Jones, William A study into the engagement properties of 'Rogue-like' games Gail Hopkins
Gask, Adam James glass runner Max L Wilson
Guo, Zhaoyang Probabilistic Graphical Network Based Pose, Facial Point, and Expression Recognition Michel F Valstar
Gurten, Mert TBA Christian Wagner
Halliwell, Elliot TBC Colin Higgins
Handley, Martin Unknown Graham M Hutton
Hardacre, Adam A Transmedia Educational Experience Gail Hopkins
Herod, Matthew Twitter Feed Max L Wilson
Highfield, James A Restaurant User Experience App Gail Hopkins
Hood, Steven Board Game (TBD) Henrik Nilsson
Howard, Thomas TBC Colin Higgins
Iten Darrell, Samuel TBC Julie Greensmith
Jackson, Luke Unknown Graham M Hutton
Jin, Zeyang Neuro Fuzzy Robert I John
Kenneally, Mark Analysing Online Game Behaviour: Detecting Cheats Julie Greensmith
Key, James Paul Interactive Visualisation of 3D Structures Tony P Pridmore
Khan, Nicola Social Networks for business/cognitive function (to be decided) Gail Hopkins
Knight, Ian Ashley Hyper-heuristics and Personnel Scheduling Andrew J Parkes
Lewis, Philip Robotic Quad-Copter Control Jamie P Twycross
Li, Li TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Lin, Junchen TBA Thorsten Altenkirch
Lin, Lang TBA Thorsten Altenkirch
Ma, Yiling Portfolio optimisation Rong Qu
Martin, Addam TBC Steven R Bagley
McBlain, Nicholas Scenic Route Planner Max L Wilson
Memon, Ibrahim Rizwan Database Administration/Mining Jenna Reps
Moyo, Mandla Simulation & AI Uwe Aickelin
Mukherjee, Shayoke Android-Compatible Loop Station Chris Greenhalgh
Mussell, Alexander James Lee TBA Thorsten Altenkirch
Nelson, Sean Alan TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Netchaev, Alan E-commerce for the Music Industry Julie Greensmith
O'Reilly, Daniel TBD: Analysis and enhancement of large document collection related to schizophrenia. David Brailsford
Onifade, Bolanle Esther Machine learning for stock market prediction Michel F Valstar
Peng, Zhuoran Data Mining Robert I John
Perrin, Jordan Daniel tbd Martin D Flintham
Pigott, Liam James Artificial Intelligence Robert I John
Plaskett, Miles Poker game Milena V Radenkovic
Reed, Lawrence Physical hardware security Steven R Bagley
Rodgers, Jamie AI Robert I John
Rytel, Kamil Sebastian Compilers/Haskell-related, TBD Henrik Nilsson
Selby, Rachel Search Interface Improvements for Government Services Max L Wilson
Shaw, Ryan Scenic route planner Matthew Pike
Shi, Yang FRP-related Henrik Nilsson
Singh Sohal, Lakhvir TBC Julie Greensmith
Smith, Thomas Face Recognition and Facial Expression Analysis Michel F Valstar
Sparham, Jack Haskell/Yampa/Games/Brain Sensing: details TBD Henrik Nilsson
Staines, Joe Interactive Visualisation of 3D Structures Tony P Pridmore
Tamizian, Raffi Haig tbd Martin D Flintham
Vu, Manh Tung play anywhere mobile game Martin D Flintham
Wade, Matthew Shane Haskell and OpenGL: details TBD Henrik Nilsson
Walker, Adam TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Wang, Kaiyu Data Mining Uwe Aickelin
Wang, Peifeng GAs Robert I John
Wang, Sheng AI Robert I John
Whyte, Ipalibo music recommender Max L Wilson
Xiong, Yiru Data Analytics Jenna Reps
Xu, Qian Data Analytics Jon M Garibaldi
Xu, Shanshan Data mining Jenna Reps
Xu, Ziang TBA Thorsten Altenkirch
Zhang, Chuang Visualisation of a Multi-objective Optimisation Process Andrew J Parkes
Zhang, Ruizhe Intelligent Machine Learning Data Reduction Techniques for Continuous Affect Recognition Michel F Valstar
Zhao, Xu Cascaded Local Evidence Aggregated Regression Michel F Valstar
Zhao, Zheng Data mining and medical informatics Jenna Reps
Zhou, Keqian Data mining Jenna Reps
Zhu, Haoyue Data Analysis Jon M Garibaldi