MSc Project Listings

Project Supervisors Which Are Still Available

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
geb geb 0 2
Sharples, Sarah 1 2
Lawson, Glyn 0 2
Houghton, Robert 0 2
Sue, Cobb 1 2
Bagley, Steven Richard srb 1 2
Capretta, Venanzio vxc 3 5
Fischer, Joel E jef 1 2
Higgins, Colin cah 4 5
Lehre, Per K pkl 1 2
Li, Bai bai 4 5
Logan, Brian S bsl 4 5
Moran, Stuart Paul Moran smu 1 2
Ozcan, Ender exo 4 5
Parkes, Andrew J ajp 4 5
Pridmore, Tony P tpp 2 3
Radenkovic, Milena V mvr 3 5
Twycross, Jamie P jpt 0 2

Project Supervisors Which Already Have Full Allocation

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Kefalidou, Genovefa 1 1
Brown, Michael 2 2
Golightly, David 1 1
Martindale, Sarah 1 1
Hermawati, Setia 1 1
Atkinson, Sarah 1 1
Alechina, Natasha nza 5 5
Altenkirch, Thorsten txa 2 2
Bachour, Khaled kqb 1 1
Crabtree, Andy axc 4 4
Flintham, Martin Daniel mdf 2 2
Ford, Prof. Peter phf 4 4
French, Andrew P apf 2 1
Hopkins, Gail gtr 6 5
John, Robert I rij 4 4
Qu, Rong rxq 1 1
Siebers, Peer-Olaf pos 4 4
Tennent, Paul pxt 1 1
Valstar, Michel Francois mfv 1 1

Active Student Projects

Name Project Supervisor
Abu Samah, Nurul Ain Google Scholar Citation Helper Andrew J Parkes
Ahmed, Nzar Rashid Discrete Event Simulation Demonstrator for G54SIM Peer-Olaf Siebers
Al Ahmari, Abdullah The effect of online social networks on cognitive function Gail Hopkins
AL Busaidi, Alkhalil Sudent Dashboard (a new way for modules registration and assignments notifications at the University of Nottingham) Venanzio Capretta
Al-Shammari, Rafeef Fauzi Najim Interfaces for Managing Children's App Downloads Andy Crabtree
Albalawi, Amer Blood Donor Finder in Saudi Arabia Venanzio Capretta
Albargi, Abdullah Unknown Ender Ozcan
Albatati, Hebah The role of trust in e-learning Gail Hopkins
Alharbi, Ahmed Mohammed Community engagement in online social networks versus face-to-face Gail Hopkins
Alharbi, Bander Unknown Robert I John
Ali Mohammed, Salam Web portal for student interaction in lectures Andrew J Parkes
Alodhadhi, Ahmed Managing information overload in social networks Gail Hopkins
Alraddadi, Albayan Staff attitudes towards the use of e-learning in Saudi universities Gail Hopkins
Awad, Dina Unknown Khaled Bachour
Chen, Guanming Unknown Sarah Sharples
Chen, Li A Web Application for Modelling the Dynamics of "My Citations" in Google Scholar Peer-Olaf Siebers
Chen, Yaou Unknown Ender Ozcan
Christoforou, Panagiota Evaluating and redesigning moodle.Nottingham user interface Setia Hermawati
Demou, Panayiota Understanding Online and Offline Shopping and Possibilities for Systems Design Andy Crabtree
Du, Xiao Unknown Steven R Bagley
Economidou, Maria Understanding Users Data Privacy Concerns Andy Crabtree
Elsayed, Mohamed Railway Scheduling Ender Ozcan
Eluma, Mariam Amaka Unknown Brian S Logan
Ezeokana, Somkenechukwu Jane-Frances The Use of Modern IT Systems to Improve Political Administrative Processes in Nigeria Prof. P Ford
Gu, Xinyao meal scheduling and recommendation app Andrew J Parkes
Habgood, Mark tbd Martin D Flintham
Haji Harith, Abdul Rahman Unknown Robert I John
Hassan, Amr Unknown Brian S Logan
Hegazi, Abdel Rahman Farag Big Data Challenges & Opportunities for Development Using Hadoop 2.0 Platform Colin Higgins
Hernández Luna, Claudia Lucinda Unknown David Golightly
Hipwell, Samuel tbd Martin D Flintham
Jiang, Yumeng Innovations in IT Management of Marketing and Sales within China Southern Airlines Prof. P Ford
Kahlown, Haad Managing User-Centered Design in Agile Methodology: Michael Brown
Kharel, Gobinda Sharma Personality and User Experience in the use of Online Social Networks Gail Hopkins
Kothawade, Swapnil Unknown Joel E Fischer
Lai, Shih-Feng Study of Key information for customers of C2C e-business Venanzio Capretta
Lee, Dennis Chun Fatt Unknown Michel F Valstar
Liang, Wen-Wei Unknown Bai Li
Madu, Nnanna Emmanuel Unknown Colin Higgins
Mahmoud, Dima Saber Enhance Content Based Filtering Algorithm using Evolutionary Computing Robert I John
Makri, Kyproula How existing digital technologies can improve the technology infrastructure of the Historical Museum of Cyprus: a museum mobile app Sarah Martindale
Mashuk, Md. Shadab Analysis of Economic Models Per K Lehre
Mavris, Constantinos Integrating Physical Activity Data Andy Crabtree
May, Leeanne Simulating Energy Support Service Operations Peer-Olaf Siebers
Meza, Daniel TBC Colin Higgins
Mohammed, Mohammed Khalid Hassan Wireless mesh network Colin Higgins
Mu, Kangxin On-line visualisation of large 3D-scan data sets Cobb Sue
Mudunkotuwa, Samarakkody M H Erandi Unknown Brian S Logan
Nasir Ahmed, Leena Hassan Hyper-heuristics for Timetabling Ender Ozcan
Nayyar, Kanika dynamic taxi sharing optimisation Andrew J Parkes
Nurtazina, Dana Improving a patient's experience in a govermental hospital in Kazakhstan using modern IT methods Prof. P Ford
O' Connor, Bryan Unknown Robert I John
Oham, Chuka Finbars TBD Milena V Radenkovic
Oladokun, Adeola Asiat On-line exam moderation system Natasha Alechina
Olowonisi, Victor Oluwaseyi A system for module selection Natasha Alechina
Opoku, Michael PErformance Analysis of S&W and S&F Milena V Radenkovic
Othman, Rebaz On-line quiz for G53KRR Natasha Alechina
Pamboukas, Savvas Mobile Bluetooth Object Finder Milena V Radenkovic
Phanthong, Thitiphong Specular reflectance detection in images Andrew P French
Qin, Yihuan Mental workload and cognitive load in older populations: effects in hci Genovefa Kefalidou
Rice, Charles Edward Frederico Improving hand washing adherence through gamification Sarah Atkinson
Roberts, Timothy Michael Robert A system for researchers to use nano quadcopters to aid data collection Andrew P French
Shao, Junchao Location monitoring in business world: Balance between improving workplace performance and human computer interaction issues Michael Brown
Shi, Minjie CFD Bai Li
Srivastav, Vipul Behaviour influencing factors in computer game interface Stuart P M Moran
Sun, Fan Animation of planning algorithms Natasha Alechina
Usman, Amal Omaliye Implementing Modern IT Techniques in the Policing and Security Systems in Nigeria Prof. P Ford
Wang, Boxuan A computerised application for hair dressers Bai Li
Wang, Zhenyi Unknown Brian S Logan
Wiranthony, Gilang Taufiqi Unknown Bai Li
Xu, Minghui 3d game in Python Thorsten Altenkirch
Yang, Yufan Unknown Tony P Pridmore
Yanni, Andrew Tharwat Fuad Unknown Rong Qu
Yu, Zhebin Unknown Tony P Pridmore
Zhang, Miao Unknown Paul Tennent
Zhang, Ying Presenting Academic Resources in Novel Ways Peer-Olaf Siebers
Zhang, Yingwa Chess server and client using Python Thorsten Altenkirch
Zhou, Libei Trading Game Natasha Alechina