MSc Project Listings

Project Supervisors Which Are Still Available

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Altenkirch, Thorsten txa 3 4
Capretta, Venanzio vxc 7 8
Hutton, Graham M gmh 0 1
Logan, Brian S bsl 6 8
Nilsson, Henrik nhn 3 4
Parkes, Andrew J ajp 4 5

Project Supervisors Which Already Have Full Allocation

Name Username Num Students Max Students Ideas
Kefalidou, Genovefa 1 1 here
Brown, Michael 1 1
Houghton, Robert 2 2 here
Burnett, Gary 1 1 here
Sue, Cobb 5 2 here
Sharples, Sarah 1 1 here
Alechina, Natasha nza 8 8
Bagley, Steven Richard srb 4 4
De Maere, Geert gdm 1 1
Egglestone, Stefan R sre 2 2
Fischer, Joel E jef 1 1
Flintham, Martin Daniel mdf 2 1
Ford, Prof. Peter phf 5 4
Garibaldi, Jon M jmg 2 1
Greenhalgh, Chris cmg 4 4
Greensmith, Julie jqg 5 4
Higgins, Colin cah 4 4
John, Robert I rij 2 2
Lehre, Per K pkl 1 1
Li, Bai bai 4 4
Ozcan, Ender exo 4 4
Pridmore, Tony P tpp 2 2
Radenkovic, Milena V mvr 3 3
Siebers, Peer-Olaf pos 4 4
Tennent, Paul pxt 1 1

Active Student Projects

Name Project Supervisor
Abass, Afolabi Ishola Unknown Brian S Logan
Abdulkareem, Lateefah Web Application for Modelling the Dynamics of "My Citations" in Google Scholar Peer-Olaf Siebers
Agarwal, Akshaya Unknown Brian S Logan
Aghayere, Violet Unknown Steven R Bagley
Al Khonji, Ruqaiya How small businesses should use the social media in order to grow their business Chris Greenhalgh
Al-Kendi, Wissam Unknown Thorsten Altenkirch
Alamri, Najla Unknown Cobb Sue
Alastal, Ahmed I. A. Unknown Brian S Logan
Albazzai, Norah Authoring Multi-Display Content Chris Greenhalgh
Aldayel, Omar Web site designed for interaction between football fans Natasha Alechina
Alharbi, Alanoud Hameed Route planner for the University Park campus Natasha Alechina
Alharbi, Samah Monitoring physiological information Brian S Logan
Almutairi, Alhanof Khalid S Performance comparison of selection hyper-heuristics on new HyFlex domains Ender Ozcan
Alrebdi, Azzah An ethnographic study of technology usage by young children with disabilities Stefan R Egglestone
Alsehaibani, Majed Effect of social media on business Venanzio Capretta
Alshalan, Zaed Hakam Unknown Sarah Sharples
Alsuraykh, Norah Twitter Anonymity Max L Wilson
Alyousef, Ibrahim Facilitating communication with customers Natasha Alechina
Awang Andinan, Muhammad Zulfadhli Medication and appointment reminder via mobile phone Venanzio Capretta
Bao, Lingcan Unknown Robert Houghton
Campanella, Francesco TBA Thorsten Altenkirch
Castle-Green, Teresa Anne A mixed reality system to help performers with stage fright Michael Brown
Chen, Bu Hua Learning to Identify Cell Types Tony P Pridmore
Dawodu, Olayemi Unknown Steven R Bagley
Edo-Osagie, Osaze Unknown Steven R Bagley
Fardell, Chloe tbd Martin D Flintham
Felemban, Israa Unknown Steven R Bagley
Foteinos, Georgios Semantic Web Application for Learning History Chris Greenhalgh
Franch Saldaña, Luis Photo-based navigation technology for museums (provisional) Stefan R Egglestone
Grover, Tom CFD package Brian S Logan
Gurusamy, Karthika Unknown Brian S Logan
Guven, Deniz Unknown Bai Li
Hasanov, Kanan TBC Bai Li
Hassan, Toyyib Unknown Robert I John
Huo, Da Unknown Henrik Nilsson
Hätälä, Tomas Sebastian Mobile application Robert I John
Ibrahim, Karam Subhi Ibrahim Unknown Cobb Sue
Ibrahim, Liara Unknown Andrew J Parkes
Janbi, Nourah P2P Reputation Milena V Radenkovic
Jelfs, Christopher Martyn Do The Maths: Developing a game for teaching low-level maths using a data-driven approach Colin Higgins
Jones, Sally Unknown Milena V Radenkovic
Kemali, Eleonora Unknown Paul Tennent
Koufeya, Doaa NPI+ For Elderly Patients Jon M Garibaldi
Larraga, Alexis Fernanda Unknown Cobb Sue
Latif, Freeman Unknown Holger M Schnadelbach
Li, Jingyi Performance Comparison of Hyper-heuristics for 0-1 Knapsack Problem Andrew J Parkes
Liu, Teng Unknown Robert Houghton
Lukanov, Kristiyan Emilov fNIRS project Max L Wilson
Ma, Teng Optimization Techniques on Mobile Computing Dario Landa Silva
Momeni, Asma tbd Martin D Flintham
Mougoue, Guy A Case Study of IT Strategy in a Family Business Chris Greenhalgh
O' Connor, Bryan Unknown Venanzio Capretta
Okafor, Isioma Irene Requirements Modelling and Elicitation for Software Development Venanzio Capretta
Omachar, Alfred Unknown Venanzio Capretta
Orunta, Nathaniel Cyber Essentials for Nigerian Businesses Julie Greensmith
Ospan, Alua Improving the efficiency of a design and construction company in Kazakhstan, using modern IT methods Prof. P Ford
Ozcagdavul, Mazlum A Multimeme Memetic Algorithm Coevolving Operator Selection Methods for Cross-domain Heuristic Search Ender Ozcan
Paaopanchon, Supavit Implementation of the game Dominoes Venanzio Capretta
Pan, Junhao Unknown Julie Greensmith
Patrascu, Alexandra Cristina Demonstration Framework for Office Space Allocation Dario Landa Silva
Pei, Junhua The New Ways of Organisation of Learning Resources in the MOOC Era Venanzio Capretta
Porter, Alexander Joseph TBC Colin Higgins
Preinfalck, Felix Sebastian Unknown Cobb Sue
Priyadma, Ryan Handy Human-Computer Interaction in Support of Groups Attending Music Festivals. Joel E Fischer
Qarout, Rehab An Adaptive Memetic Algorithm Embedding Choice Function Hyper-heuristic Ender Ozcan
Qasim, Sumayah Unknown Geert De Maere
Raghunathan, Sudarshan Interactive technology in enhancing cultural heritage Ben Bedwell
Rasgado Pérez, Mario Alberto IT contributions to improve the hiring practice of candidates with technical skills in an overseas IT company". Prof. P Ford
Saftah, Rehab Omar The use of advanced communications technology in car transportation to facilitate improvements for both drivers and passengers Prof. P Ford
Sanchez Castillo, Ricardo Detecting turtle nests in aerial images Tony P Pridmore
Santipada, Sawit Using simulation technique to shape an IT policy for the specific workplace Peer-Olaf Siebers
Schindler, Jonas TBD Bai Li
Solola, Ibrahim Improvements using efficient data management for an existing Air Travel Agency Prof. P Ford
Sonoiya, Gideon Kiprono Choosing Memes in a Multimeme Memetic Algorithm for Cross-domain Search Ender Ozcan
Sonoiya, Gilbert Kiprop Yet another HyFlex Domain Andrew J Parkes
Staddon, Ben Unknown Bai Li
Susanty, Meredita Adding Human Behaviour Representations to Business Process Models Peer-Olaf Siebers
Tanekura, Rumie A program to keep track of software and hardware in an organisation Natasha Alechina
Tang, Huayang Unknown Henrik Nilsson
Thompson, Natalie Unknown Henrik Nilsson
Uluyurt, Yunus Emre Bluetooth Object Finding application Milena V Radenkovic
Valencia Sandoval, Carlos Andres Tablet based game TBC Colin Higgins
Vaughan, David Thomas Human Behaviour in Personal Development Models: towards designing new support tools Genovefa Kefalidou
Wang, Feiqi AI project Natasha Alechina
Wang, Jiayang Stochasticity in Simulation Jon M Garibaldi
Wang, Ruoyang Unknown Julie Greensmith
Wang, Yating Software tool to allocate team members to tasks Natasha Alechina
Wang, Zongqi Unknown Gary Burnett
Wicaksono, Kukuh Nasrul Developing Simulation Models for Investigating IT Business Processes Peer-Olaf Siebers
Wu, Mengdi Match 3 game in Java Natasha Alechina
Xenarios, Georgios Unknown Julie Greensmith
Yao, Zhe IPad app TBC Colin Higgins
Ye, Linxinlei 3d parcour game using python Thorsten Altenkirch
Zainul Abidin, Shahril Azwin Energy monitoring Julie Greensmith
Zhang, Lixin Usage of Indoor Location Services Andrew J Parkes
Zhang, Yutong Unknown Cobb Sue
Zhao, Jiafan Seat booking system for disabled students Natasha Alechina
Zhu, Boheng Unknown Per K Lehre
Zhumagaliyev, Naurzhan Reducing tax evasion in Kazakhstan using modern IT methods Prof. P Ford